Saturday, May 6, 2017


his thirst 
is not
from lack 

but greed

that's why
he fences
the well

and watches
the desert


  1. Ha. That's awesome.

    I think you want the ending to say "as the desert grow(s)" ... or "the desert(s) grow" ... One of the two words needs an "s" at the end.

    This is really good. :)

  2. This poem makes me think of that movie, Girl, Interrupted.

    I'm thinking this is about a sadistic guy who fences out the well and holds the sick close to him. Or, perhaps he fences in the well and then makes them sick. He's thirsty for lots and lots of crazy girls.

    It's not "watches as," it's "watches ass." He's "treating" them by making them sicker.

    And it's more dessert than desert that's growling at him. Crazy girls always growl. Especially at their doctors.

    I'm also thinking of Dr. Arden from AHS Asylum.

  3. I really love this blog. You write differently here.